Integrate the right people into your team

Find creative people who elevate your work and brand—from freelancers to VPs and everything in between. Then, make sure newcomers are welcomed and integrated efficiently.


Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

We make hiring creative leaders more effective and enjoyable. Having been on both sides of hiring, we've had our fair share of letdowns when working with recruiters and have seen how overwhelming it can be to try to search for the right people alone.

We don't believe in filling quotas or throwing resumes as companies to see what happens to stick. Instead, we help you create job descriptions, search for jobseekers, review resumes, conduct interviews, and offer suggestions as you make final decisions.

Let us help you find the right people who are fully capable and excited to push your company forward. 



You've hired the right people for your team, but that's just the beginning. Onboarding is an integral part of making sure everyone hits the ground running, integrates seamlessly into your culture, and feels like they are a valuable part of the team from the first day.

We'll get to know your new hires, their new team, and your company's culture, then work with you to create a training plan that leads to an experience that drives retention and performance, rather than wasted time and frustration.

Let us create an individualized onbouarding plan that is anything but cookie-cutter—just like you.